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When you need printed material for your business it must arrive fast and be of top quality. The question for a small business or large corporation becomes "how can I get the best prints for cheap and fast?". That's a very hard question to answer if you do not know the market inside out. In order to answer that you need to know what type of quality the top companies are offering, the relativity of the price and the speed of delivery. Using these 3 variables you can make a decision where to buy your booklets, flyers or catalogs in Manhattan or anywhere else in the five boroughs of New York City. Our guide is designed with a simple purpose in mind; to provide you with these answers in a clear an efficient manner and provide you with other great information to help you make printing decisions. Contact us now for more information.

Booklet Printing In A NYC Minute:

Booklets play an important role in the commercial and advertising world. They communicate direct messages to the target audience without overwhelming them with unneeded information. A booklet can educate the reader in a specific field that concerns them and leave a lasting impression of your business and brand. This builds a relationship where the client associates your company with the product or service discussed, therefor being more effective and less costly than other forms of advertising like commercials or branded office supplies. What is contained within the booklet has little restrictions; instruction manuals, how to guides, pamphlets, even corporate proposals can all be printed on booklets.

Who can print booklets?

Booklets are cost effective and practical because they are so simple. They usually contain no confusing table of contents and endless searching for what concerns you, only relevant information in an organized manner. Nearly everyone’s home computer and printer, with some standard software can print a booklet. They don’t need to last for years like a hard cover book, but they quality should be sufficient and useful. However, professional booklet printing services are available and desirable. The services already have the proper printing machines and experience, to print various sizes, capable of fastening the pages together in an appropriate manner. If any significant number will be printed it can be much more cost effective using a service as well because they have invested in the machines to make large quantities.

The design aspect is vital for any booklet. A printing service can use the necessary colors and images to make your booklet attractive. A well-designed booklet is the difference between a new client and a lost client. The brain in less than one second will decide if the booklet is worth picking up and reading so the cover is essential. Knowing this though, the material that goes into a booklet is not expensive. On a standard office printer, it can cost as little as 5-15 cents a page. They design and layouts ensure that what is contained on those pages is relevant.

How long does it take?

The manufacturing of a booklet has become more efficient as printing technology has improved. Today specialist have warehouses full of machines to make the best booklet possible for you. They have the option of editing and improving your design and content or making additions of their own. After the art and editing has taken place, the printing begins. Many companies now offer thousands of copies or more of a booklet in a 24-hour period. The quickness pays off so you can reach your audience at the necessary time. Once the design and content is complete there is little difference in time between printing 1,000 copies and 10,000 copies.

In today’s world where booklets can be produced so easily and economically there is no reason not to take advantage of this amazing form of advertising and communication.

Catalog Printing: NYC's Ultimate Marketing Partner


Catalog Printing:

Catalogs have for years been a cornerstone of advertising for a multitude of businesses. The main purpose is to allow clients to see in one location all your products or services. It assists in marketing and cross marketing, but mainly allows customers to be familiar with your products. A major downfall in the commercial world is when a potential client does not know what your business offers, and a catalog eliminates this possibility. Catalogs should always contain contact information where there is the option of purchasing these products or inquiring about them.

What does a catalog contain?

The first part of a catalog, in the printing process and for the clients is the front cover. An attractive and well-designed cover cannot be stressed enough. It is what will encourage the potential client from picking up the catalog in the first place. The cover page is usually made of a denser heavier paper that is called cover stock. An aesthetic cover will be glossy, with vivid color and a symmetrical balance of words and designs. It has been noted that people prefer symmetry and this can contribute to the induvial feeling comfortable enough to use your catalog.

The inside of the catalog is best printed on lighter paper. This can depend on the industry and which products are being offered for specifics. For example, a natural rustic paper should not be used for sports cars and expensive jewelry. The thickness of the paper is also determined by the size of the catalog in general, as it should not be too heavy. The color that goes into the paper, like the cover, is important. The color scheme can be less intense then the cover, but still maintain a vibrant edge. Color printing today is not usually a barrier when it comes to cost, so there is no need to limit to 2 or 3 colors.

Today, three are six different types of binding methods to hold the catalog together. The one that should be used varies based on multiple factor like, weight, size, and material. An experienced catalog printing company can advise best on which one will be best for your catalog. This is true in general that a printing company should be consulted through the process. With so many factors coming together to make the perfect catalog, no chances should be taken when professional help is available.


A smart piece of advice is to not leave things for the last minute. When a catalog will be in the possession of the clients as a reference for them, then it should be certain that the information is accurate. The printing service that assist you can give you proper estimates for deliver and printing time as well.

Flyer Printing In NYC- A How To On Setup:


Flyer Printing

Flyers are an easy an ineffective way to advertise for your business. They allow you to bring in new customers and keep existing customers informed with different types of flyers. They can be posted on the street, windows, and given out to individual, just about anything. Flyers should contain a variety of information like list of products or services, sales and specials, and contact information. For small business and large corporations alike they never go out of style. Most importantly they should be well printed, clear, and colorful.

What should a flyer contain?

The design of a flyer is extremely important for it to be effective. A well printed flyer should read in the natural form for people. This means the start is the top left and the finish is the bottom right. Names and prices that wish to be emphasized should be located in these locations. Each element within the flyer should be easy to identify, if someone sees a picture they like they shouldn’t have a difficult search to see the name and price of the product. The responsibility of the flyer is to be as clear as possible, so the customers have a good feeling doing business with you.

The text should be concise and clear. Long, run on sentences should be avoided, to be replaced with short and bulleted groups of words. The goal is with a quick glance the view should be able to take away the information with ease that is relevant to them. The headlines or larger text should contain the highlighted deal, current sales, or uniqueness of the product. This can show the customer what distinguishes your business.

Graphics and colors should be a complimenting feature of the flyer. The center or front of the flyer can be saved for these elements in order to communicate effectively.

After the client, has been interested it should be easy for them to contact your store location or web address. Your contact information is essential to complete the sale.

Design and Printing

Printing services available today can help ensure that the flyer is compiled in the perfect format to follow the characteristics spoken about above. Flyers have been around for a long time and we can learn from the mistakes made by others regarding design and size. The professionals in the industry should have high quality printing machines that can mass produce your desired flyer. The paper should be able to easily absorb the ink to show off the vibrant colors that were chosen. Perhaps most importantly is you should feel confident that your flyers will be ready and delivered on time.

Flyers can be used in almost any situation and for almost any product. It is your brief opportunity to demonstrate why the customer should choose your business. It is worth our time and money to have a properly design and printed flyer to represent us.


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